Sean Apple | Art is art... by... Sean Apple. Pretty self-explanatory, hopefully.

I've been a freelance artist in Hollywood for 25 years. Mostly doing visual effects and motion graphics for movies, TV, new media, and whatever else sticks to the internet.

This site makes good on a promise I've been making to myself for that entire 25 years... to put my own art out there. I can't say that I have a particular style or medium I'm attracted to other than I seem to like cinematic and sensuous. And ideas. New ideas. If that were a drug, I'd be in rehab by now.

This site explores a bunch of different styles, mediums, and themes. You may even see the same images repeated in different contexts. That's on purpose. My background is cinema. Cinema works based on something the French call "mise en scene". Basically that means the arrangement of scenery, props, and actors on a stage that is designed to create a specific effect or meaning. In cinema, that includes placing two shots next to each other in the editing of a scene in order to create a third meaning.

Rearrangement of elements - or introducing new information or a new tone - to create a new meaning for the same original elements fascinates me. Context is everything.

So, maybe that's what this site is ultimately about: the exploration of context.

I hope you enjoy looking/watching/listening at/to these art pieces as much as I'm enjoying creating them.